What Our Members Are Saying

AAUW-Iowa eNetwork members respond to questions posed during meetings.  These lists provide a summary of the responses:

Advice to Young Leaders:  What one trait would you emphasize if you were in a position to train young women leaders?

  • Be Assertive & Competent
  • Be Well-Organized
  • Listen to the People You Interact With
  • Develop Self-Confidence
  • Be an Active Listener
  • Be Persistent
  • Observe the Movers/Shakers in Your Work
  • Observe the Strengths of Women who can be Your Role Models

What to Say to Prospective Members:  What would you emphasize when talking to a prospective member about AAUW?

  • AAUW’s Public Policy — what they promote for change
  • Campus Leadership Programs
  • Relationships You Can Make With Other Women
  • Salary Negotiation Training and Pay Equity Emphasis
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Member Leadership — experiences and the people you meet
  • Research
  • Educational Funding Awards & STEM Education
  • Global Connections — ways of bringing together women from many areas of the world