How To Join

Want to join the AAUW-Iowa ENetwork? ¬†Here’s how:


If you are applying to be an AAUW member, you will pay dues for 3 levels of membership totaling $94.00 (National: $59.00, State: $10.00, Branch $25.00)

If you are a member of another AAUW branch and want to join the Iowa eNetwork as a dual member, you will only pay the $25 branch dues.

When you click JOIN NOW will find a membership application.  Work through Steps 1 (type of member) and 2 (membership information-name, address, phone, email, university where you earned your highest college degree, type of degree, year earned)

The next page takes you to payment information and the opportunity to pay with a credit card. When you have entered the payment information, you are ready to go to checkout.

Soon after you complete the process, you will be welcomed as a new member of the AAUW-Iowa eNetwork Branch, and you will begin to receive information about branch meetings (held via Zoom).